Laser tube

With the new tube laser cutting machine Adige LT712D we offer innovative products!

In order to be able to compete more and more on the markets and to be at the forefront in the field our company has purchased a new Adige It712D tube laser cutting machine, creating a specific division for such processing.

The new service that completely replaces saws, croppers, drills, milling cutters.

Where is laser used?
In the cutting of tubes and rod profiles. On materials such as iron, stainless steel and aluminum alloys.

When can it be useful?

  • Preparation and tubular cutting for frames
  • Drilling and shaping following the drawing of tubes and sections
  • Cutting of joints to eliminate welding templates
  • Cutting of some linear and even complex shapes

Cost reduction
A unique technology opposed to aged and economically expensive processes.

Quality improvement
Decimal precision. No cutting burrs. White cutting with nitrogen for stainless steel

It is fast
The product can be manufactured quickly and with the certainty of a successful outcome of the work.


  • Laser working on any shape tubes
  • Maximum length/load mm 6500
  • Maximum diameter of the tube mm 150
  • Maximum thickness: iron 10 mm, stainless steel 5 mm


  • Minimum diameter round tube 12 mm
  • Maximum diameter round tube 150 mm
  • Minimum diameter square tube 12x12 mm
  • Maximum diameter square tube 120x120 mm
  • Maximum length automatic unloader 4000 mm

The design is the driving element in this sector. Creativity has shaped the metal tube without limits being set. The freedom of complex shapes, of tube sections, freedom of diameters, the absence of marks for high aesthetics of the piece are the watchwords in this sector.
But not only that: simplification of the production process, with the creation of new couplings to avoid welds.
A high level of value for the realization of chairs, tables, armchairs and sofas, office furniture, chairs and tables for bars, gardens, hospitals, furniture shops and outlets, sports equipment, etc...

produzione tubi in metallo
piegatura tubi in metallo
piegatura tubi laser